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Vinnie's look lives on in his Granddaughter Dolly!
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~ ~ ~ Special Announcement ~ ~ ~

Years ago our Vinnie was quite a popular stud dog... many breeders brought their lovely bitches to him and consequently Vinnie went down in Siberian Husky history as one of top producing males in the breed. Numerous Vinnie offspring bred in the USA were imported by interested breeders from around the world and some very ambitious breeders even traveled with their bitches from foreign countries to use Vinnie themselves. We're so very proud and gratified that a number of these breeders have been hugely successful with their Vinnie offspring and his descendants.

In 1995 a breeder from South Africa, Cheryl Deaval of Foxfire Siberians, imported a Vinnie son - Ch. Alcinta's Rave Review. This male went on to be an excellent producer himself and a top winning dog of his time! A number of other breeders in SA also based their breeding programs on Ravin and his descendants! We're pleased to announce that we have brought one of these descendants to the USA to incorporate back into our own lines. Please take time to visit Indigo's Major Winter "Major" and see this promising young male!

In another part of the world Mirjana Prpic of the Siberian Lady Kennel took an enormous gamble in 1997 and traveled with her bitch Fly bringing her to our Vinnie. The fates were with Mirjana - her brave adventure paid off and a lovely litter resulted. Years later Mirjana has enjoyed tremendous success with her dogs, most coming down from her breeding to Vinnie. Here again we have decided to bring two Vinnie descendants from this very successful kennel back to the USA to join our dogs at Rockland! Please take time to visit the pages of these exciting youngsters:
Victory Point of Siberian Lady and Vanity Fair of Siberian Lady!

Many thanks to the breeders and friends who helped us with these endeavors. A very special thank you to Mirjana and also especially to Giordano Tarara who went above and beyond with all his help, thanks for being a truly wonderful friend!

Immense appreciation and acknowledgement to Monia Pertici for her assistance and commitment to the Rockland dogs. Her outstanding support has been invaluable and her friendship an absolutely wonderful gift!
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Updated: August 17, 2010

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