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 From The Begining - The ROCKLAND Story
 From The Begining - The ROCKLAND Story
 Rockland ~ Champion Siberian Husky Show Dogs

Michele and Rose met after high school in 1975 and became friends while working together. In 1979 Michele's family received their first Siberian as a gift to her son. Several years later Rose decided she too would like to have a Siberian Husky. Rose took her dog to handling classes and came across information on dog shows. Rose persuaded Michele to attend some match shows and from there an interest was sparked for them both.

By the time Michele and Rose acquired an interest in showing they had been friends for nearly ten years. It seemed only natural to become equal partners and co-own all their dogs jointly.....they continue to do so to this day. Their kennel name also seemed to evolve almost naturally. Michele lived in what had been her grandfather's home which was called "Rockland Ranch." The name Rockland came about due to the fact that her grandfather originally came from Rockland County, NY and later established his business in southern NJ calling it Rockland Excavating. The name Rockland had meaning for Rose as well - ironically Rose had lived in Rockland County, NY during the first year of her marriage.

In 1984 Rose & Michele met and struck up a friendship with Mike and Maggie Marion, Marionhills Siberians. The Marions owned a beautiful gray male, Ch. Innisfree's Artic Sky Bird. Michele & Rose then bred a bitch to Sky Bird and are proud of the fact that show quality dogs have been produced through five generations from that original breeding.

A show puppy was purchased from Mike Marion and Bob Pawlowski in 1986. This dog JJ, turned out to be Michele & Rose's first champion - Ch.Marionhill's Starr Player. Rose did all the handling herself and has continued to do so all through the years.

While at a match show in March of 1990 Michele & Rose saw an adorable black and white, blue eyed puppy bitch. They watched the puppy move, talked to the breeders and after learning the puppy's background knew that she was exactly what they were looking for to compliment JJ's pedigree. Arrangements were then made and Blu, aka Sno Sky Tru Blu Starr joined the Rockland family.

In 1993 JJ sired the much anticipated litter out of Blu. A gray, blue eyed male was an obvious stand out in the litter and was given the call name of Vinnie. By the time this puppy was 11 months old he had become Ch.Rockland's Starr Attraction. Vinnie's accomplishments as a stud dog speak for themselves and can be seen throughout the pages of this web site.

Rose and Michele are equal partners, co-own their dogs jointly and accommodations for the dogs are divided between their two separate households. This arrangement works out very well and allows them a broader range of options with the dogs. Rose does all the handling while Michele does most of the grooming and paperwork.

Being involved in showing their Siberian Huskies has provided Michele and Rose with an immense amount of pleasure and enjoyment. The dogs have added another dimension to their lives that has been very rewarding. They are grateful to have met so many terrific people and are especially appreciative of all the families who have provided excellent homes to dogs bred by Rockland. Many special and meaningful friendships have developed through their involvement in the sport, too numerous to attempt to list. Some of these special friends are pictured with their dogs throughout this web site. Over the years many people have assisted, been supportive, offered advice and have proved to be very good friends. Linda & Michael Quinn - Sandcastle and Irv & Edie Weinstein - Mochamco are two couples who are at the top of that list. Lynn Kerstetter - Kunu and Jean Buscaglia - Corizma are not only lots of fun, they're good friends who can be counted on and are always willing to lend a hand. They have done quite well with their own dogs which in turn has done the Rockland dogs proud.

Some have not only become very special friends but have also had a significant and positive impact on Rockland. Such is the case with long time friend Melanie Babb-Schlaginhaufen. Melanie entrusted her Rebel to the girls and in 1989 he went on to become their second champion - Ch. Meja's Confederate Gray.

Mike & Maggie Marion, Marionhills have shared their dogs, their experience & knowledge and have been excellent mentors. Michele and Rose got a sound start into dogs through the Marions and most of the Rockland dogs come down from this association. The Marions have always opened their home and offered their friendship and assistance as only the best of friends will do.

Cindy & Altie Worttman, Alcinta - have shared their knowledge and entrusted their wonderful dogs to Michele and Rose for years. Cindy has been a terrific friend and her excellent advice at critical times has provided many positive results. By breeding a number of their outstanding Alcinta bitches to Vinnie they have significantly contributed in making him one of the top producing stud dogs of his time.

Linda Lehman - Snowfire - initially sold the girls one of her lovely bitches - Snowfire's As If By Magic, aka Peeper. This bitch went onto produce their very special Share, aka Ch.Rockland's Preferred Stock who became more of a daughter than a dog. The three lovely Snowfire bitches that Linda bred to Vinnie considerably assisted in his ranking as a top producing stud dog. Linda has been a great friend, has shared not only her experience and dogs but her family as well. She and her daughter Mindy have added immensely to the "FUN" factor of the dog shows. The laughter and good times shared are truly a wonderful thing.

A special thank you to Bill & Marcia Samelson for providing Ernie with such a wonderful life and for generously designing and maintaining this positively spectacular web site.

 Rockland ~ Champion Siberian Husky Show Dogs

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