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Show Guidelines


for the 2009 OurK9Heroes annual event OurK9Heroes Day 2009 that honors all dogs and their handlers involved in the 9/11 tragedy plus all working dogs from every aspect of their working life.

In the interest of fairness, OurK9Heroes has instituted a number of specific rules and regulations for our 2009 event. Please read this entire document carefully. Failure to comply with the rules, regulations, requirements and/or procedures as outlined below, will result in exclusion from this event.

Event:Gloucester Township Day 2009
Date:  Saturday, June 6, 2009 
Time: 5:00pm till 6:00pm.
Check-In:  Teams participating in the ceremony MUST check in by 4:30pm. 
                        All others will be told their check-in time individually.
Place:Veterans’ Memorial Park
                Chews Landing Road
                Blackwood, NJ, 08012

Application Process
All applications to participate in the event must be approved by our Certifications Committee.
Sending in an application constitutes your agreement to abide by the following event Rules & Regulations.

1. Please contact us for an Application Form and we will e-mail or mail it to you.
2. Application Form must be completed and returned to OurK9Heroes no later than April 15, 2009.
~ No entry fee required.
~ Submit completed application along with necessary certifications and other documents.
~ The committee reserves the right to deny any team or dog and handler the privilege to participate.
~ Upon approval, we will notify you.

Rules & Regulations

Show Rules
1. Each handler is limited to one (1) dog.
2. No handler will be allowed to discipline or manhandle their dog on the event site. Our Event Coordinator     reserves the right to remove any dog or handler for inappropriate show behavior.
3. No females in heat will be allowed to participate.
4. Dogs must be equipped with proper collar and leash.
5. This year’s event will be held where the handlers and dogs will be in close proximity to the public,
   so handlers must exercise great control of their dog at all times.
6. Water, food rewards and toys are permitted. Pooper scoopers and bags will be provided.

Dog Certifications
1. All K-9s must be on a recognized law enforcement agency team
2. All SAR dogs must be certified and on a recognized team
3. All other dogs, assistance dogs and therapy dogs, must provide proof of certification

Health & Identification Papers
Veterinarian certificate will be required at registration.
The person bringing the dog to the event should have all pertinent health and identification papers with them. Any dog not having required certificates will not be allowed to participate in the event.
- Canine parvo virus and distemper (DHL) vaccinations, heart worm, and stool check within
  12  months of show is highly recommended.
- Dogs will be required to be vaccinated for rabies within current state requirements.

Awards & Recognition
1. All dogs that have been found qualified to attend will be honored even if the dog is not present as
   long  as a representative from the team is present to accept the award.
2. Only 9/11 dogs will be honored posthumously.